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Purpose: downhole measurements and record of specific
characteristics of acoustic waves propagated in and around the
liquid-filled wellbore of 100 up 400 mm. Devide a measure
of travel time and amplitude of reflected acoustic energy.
Must to use with system control block "111"

The basic technical parameters:

1.Travel time measure interval: 120 - 650 mcs/M
2.Attenuation measure interval: 2.5 - 40 Db/M
3.Amplitude measure interval: 0.005 - 5 V
4.The error bound, %
-for travel time measure: +-2
-for attenuation measure: +-10
5.Diameter of device no more 75 mm
6.Device length no more 6 Meters
7.Device weight no more 100 Kg
8.Max environmental temperature 120C (175C)
9.Max environmental pressure 100 (120) MPa
10.Time of using in Max environmental temperature
no less then 8 hours (3 hours)
11.The measurement velocity no more 600 M/h