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Purpose: downhole measurements and estimation of outer wall
of a casing defects in and around wellbore of 100 up 400 mm.
Must to use with system control block "111"

The basic technical parameters:

1.Travel time measure interval: 120 - 650 mcs/M
2.Attenuation measure interval: 2.5 - 40 Db/M
3.Amplitude measure interval: 0.005 - 5 V
4.The error bound, %
-for travel time measure: +-2
-for attenuation measure: +-10
5.Diameter of device no more 75 mm
6.Device length no more 4.3 Meters
7.Device weight no more 60 Kg
8.Max environmental temperature 120C (175C)
9.Max environmental pressure 100 (120) MPa
10.Time of using in Max environmental temperature
no less then 8 hours (3 hours)
11.The measurement velocity no more 600 M/h