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Purpose: downhole measurements of the rocks porosity.
Must to use with system control block "111"

The basic technical parameters:

1.Interval of porosity measurements PM, 1 - 40 p.c.
2.The error bound, p.c. (%) +-[6.3+2.3(40/PM+1)]
3.Diameter of device no more 75 mm
4.Sonde length no more 1.6 Meters
5.Device weight no more 45 Kg
6.Max environmental temperature 120C (175C)
7.Max environmental pressure 100 (120) MPa
8.Time of using in Max environmental temperature
no less then 8 hours (3 hours)
9.The measurement velocity no more 400 M/h
10.The neutron detector "-56"
11.Must have Pu-Be neutron source "-8-5"